James Tocci - Principle Consultant

With a career spanning decades, countries and industries – James is a formidable example of what it takes to be a truly great business manager, recruitment professional and trusted advisor.

Through dedication, business acumen and an altruistic desire to share his knowledge with those who need it, throughout his career James has helped shaped our local business landscape, built lifelong connections and actively contributed to enhancing our local community.

Humble, quiet but assured in his abilities, James has built a reputation of trust and respect through delivery. James asks the questions you don’t want to answer, he pushes you to explore the uncomfortable and does so from a place of care. With a clear mindset that nothing is too big to overcome, James is an asset to any local professional who is looking to grow their career or team.

I am truly grateful to have met James, to have him push and challenge me in all the ways I never knew I needed and to have him trust me in business.



Spend your life doing what you love and find the sweet side in the monotonous and mundane.



Sam Wallace - Principle Consultant

Sam brings a unique approach to the formation of recruitment ideology with the consideration of brand, reputation, marketing and growth opportunities for people and clients alike. A true Talent specialist, Sam forges strong connections with clients and candidates across the executive, accounting and financial services sectors.

Many professionals in our local market have called on Sam’s expertise and wisdom (including me) and actively sought his advice and alternative perspective to critical career and business decisions.

Forward thinking, a true futurist and a loyal human, Sam is a true example of the kind of person you want in your corner to represent your interest, articulate your value and influence others – whether it be for your career or your business.

I am not the same person today, as I was yesterday after a decade of knowing Sam. He has pushed me, mentored me and challenged me to be better and want more in life and business.

Doesn’t matter who it is we’re dealing with, by knowing us, they’re enhanced in some way – experience, knowledge, confidence, honesty, trust, fun, expertise.

Jade Pearsall - Principle Consultant

Wow, what a privilege it is to know Jade. I’ve known and worked with Jade for almost a decade and I that time I’ve watched her grow into a revered business leader and consummate professional whilst remaining one of the most truly humble people that it’s ever been my good fortune to encounter.

Jade is compassionate, supremely intelligent and gifted with a level of common sense that few possess. Constantly seeking to improve and learn, Jade has a remarkable capacity to get shit done and never lets anyone down. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t immediately connect with Jade and in a business and industry that relies on trusted relationships, Jade has cornered the market.

Jade is easily one of the most intuitive recruitment professionals I’ve ever known and her dedication to delivery for clients is unprecedented. Amongst all this, Jade finds time to care for those around her, contribute to her community and does it all with a smile and what appears to be effortless ease.



‘Do your own stunts’- get vulnerable and operate with the confidence that there isn’t a safety net and you don’t need one.

Leyna Story - Principal Support Consultant

Never have I had the privilege of meeting someone who cares so deeply for others, is so selfless in her dedication to enriching the lives of others and all whilst having the most wicked sense of humour. As the newest member of our team, Leyna is a newbie to the world of recruitment. And whilst she may be new to recruitment, she is not new to the world of administration and business support.

Combing her formal qualifications in Psychology and a career spanning many industries including advertising, administration, engineering, technical support and community engagement, Leyna is no stranger to what it takes to be an exemplary employee. With a dedication to helping others, truly listening to their needs and helping people see their strengths and believing in their potential, Leyna is the person every business support candidate has ever wished was on the other side of the interview table.

She will make you feel comfortable and at ease, she will draw out the best in you and you will leave with a stronger sense of confidence.



Accountable for the good and the bad - own it and learn from it.


The best way to know if we are going to be the right people to help you, is to talk with us.
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